Sara Eva

Sara Eva is wood-burning fireplace insert design to effectively heat large and medium spaces. Equipped with ceramic fireproof glass and chrome handle bar. The firebox is lined up with firebricks and cast iron grate to optimize efficiency and longevity of the stove. This stove features primary and secondary air control which give complete control of the fire burn and heat output. ¬†And air wash system to make the glass as clean with view of the fire. The flue collar has damper control for better regulation of the fire.The stove is manufactured from high grade steel, that unlike fragile cast Iron, won’t crack or melt.

It can be equipped with blower fan and electronic controller for addition hear efficiency and power output. If the fireplace is with water jacket , it can be operated with electronic for the intake and pump operations

In accordance with all the stoves that we offer, Sara Eva is CE Marked.


Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 750 × 410 × 1600 mm
Dimensions of Firebox


Dimensions of Glass


Dimensions of Flue collar




Heating space



4-12 kw

Central Heating

18+6=24 kw